Ice Ice Baby

The most challenging part of this pregnancy has been trying not to fall down. January sucks on its own—all the parties are over, it’s freezing, there are no holidays off of work, everyone is sick. It’s a big time bummer. But this year, God was like, “You know, that Sara girl looks a little extra uncoordinated with that big ol’ belly, I think I’ll just make every outdoor surface into a SKATING RINK! That’ll be fun!” Honestly, I’d take a foot of snow every day over our current weather situation. Last week I went to the gas station and my gas cap was frozen shut. I looked like a maniac out there with my ice scraper, trying to chip it open. Today, muscles I didn’t even know I had are hurting, all from trying to brace myself as I do really exciting things like take out the garbage and get the mail. I’m probably a little bitter because last Christmas I went for a run with my sister in similar conditions. I had sprained my ankle a month prior and we were just chatting about how it was feeling pretty good…and then we turned the corner into my parents’ driveway. I slipped, of course, and got the worst sprained ankle of my life. I mean, I’ve had my share of sprains (basketball games and an unfortunate event at Ripley’s Believe it or Not, don’t ask) but this one took the cake. Photo evidence below. If you need help identifying, that’s a foot and those are toes. Hard to tell, I know.


Luckily, this hasn’t happened this year (knocks on wood), but I’ve had a few close calls. Being top-heavy isn’t helping.
Caroline has been really into Happy Feet lately (thank you, Amazon Prime) and I feel like it’s very telling of our current life. We’re all just waddling around, singing Prince songs. Thankfully this egg isn’t due to hatch until May when no one has to look like Yukon Cornelius at the gas pump.