Puke Buckets and Sleeping Bags: The Stomach Bug Strikes

Caroline came home with a stomach bug yesterday. She was a little extra snuggly and never asked for a snack. She was vomiting within the hour. When little kids get sick, it’s so hard. She doesn’t really know what’s up and she just wants mom. Meanwhile, mom is trying to simultaneously comfort and clean (try this Clorox Urine Remover┬ánext time you have a barfy kid, I know it says urine, but it seriously works). Andy is a great helper and both of us handled it like champs–much unlike we did on his 26th birthday. Let’s just say our neighbors were probably wondering why we were washing our car in the middle of the night.

C’s fine today after a night spent camped out in sleeping bags on the living room floor, bucket in hand. But the whole experience of dealing with the stomach flu had me feeling a little reflective, hence the “Evolution of Puking” timeline above (not intended for the queasy).