How I Googled My Way Through Web Design

I’ll admit, I’m a little late to the game.

I’m almost 30, well into my career, and considering my field, it’s weird that I’ve never actually built a website. I’m not going to pretend that means “learned code” because I definitely did not do that (yet). For me, that means using a template, buying a domain, pulling together content, optimizing SEO and linking it to social media. Granted, I did get this blog started. But this time was a little different because it wasn’t just for me. I did it for a paying customer.

Branching out into web design isn’t something I avoided for any particular reason. I guess it was because my marketing departments have always been fully staffed with a graphic design team so I’ve never needed to learn. But to be honest, freelance writing as a stand-alone career is a really tough gig. I only do it as a side hustle (for now), but someday, I want to be a bad ass boss lady and have my own biz. Realistically, there needs to be more substance to my offering. People need the full-service package. Hence, the Googling.

I was able to work with a really great customer and friend who was willing to trust in my marketing expertise and believe in my plan. I saw true potential in her business, sought her out with a proposal, and have been actively working on her site since. I’m pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished, feel free to check it out.

Thinking about taking on a similar project? First, hire me (had to get that in there). But second, start Googling. It’s surprising what there are YouTube videos for, and damn, are they helpful. Also, always check out the free knowledge hubs that come with these kind of template sites. I had great success with the support resources available through Squarespace. Everything I thought I didn’t know how to do, or couldn’t figure out, I was able to accomplish or solve. That’s such a great feeling and a lesson in not doubting your abilities.

Today I read this post on Medium about what it takes to be a full-time writer. The takeaway for me was that to achieve that career, you must also build yourself as the brand. And my brand is not going to be stagnant. I’m not about to be slowed down by a lack of knowledge. I am experienced in content marketing. I know what it takes to write engaging pieces. I understand the power of a digital presence. And the gaps in between? Well, that’s what Google is for.

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