I’m raising a comedian

One-liners from my favorite 3-year-old

Caroline and I have spent a lot of time together lately, and let me tell you, the material is piling up. She’s said so many bizarre, yet accurate, things during our “stay-home days” that I felt they should be documented. Also, her vocab? Whoa. So, without further ado…

C: Mom, what’s that stuff on our garage?
S: That’s frost.
C: Frosting?
S: Uh, yeah, I guess.
C: Like from a CAKE! Our garage is covered in frosting from a cake!

C: [Jumping on my bed] Mom, come in here and see my SKILLS!

C: [Trying to get dressed by herself. Her shirt is on backward.] Mom, this is a catastrophe!

C: [Putting on her shoes] I can’t do it. These are impossible!

C: [Leaving the playground, has a rock in her shoe] There’s something in my shoe and I JUST CAN’T HANDLE IT!

There are about 400 more that of course I can’t currently remember. I’m not even sure why we have Netflix anymore because she’s providing all the entertainment we need. Luckily, her sister also finds it amusing, so that’s a win.

So should we start making YouTube videos? That feels like the next step. I just want to bottle up this hilarity and then bring it back out the first time she shows signs of being a snotty teenager.

Also, should I be paying closer attention to these cartoons she watches? If PJ Masks is increasing her vocabulary, there might be some value in it for me too. Who needs Lumosity when there’s Owlette, am I right??