Are We There Yet? The Last Weeks of Pregnancy

The end is in sight!

Until approximately three weeks ago, I couldn’t even remember how far along I was with MJ. Now I’m probably scaring people away with the accuracy of my countdown. Like, whoa, what’s this chick’s deal? She really wants that baby out. Actually, it’s been a pretty easy road this time around [knocks on wood] so I’m thankful for that. And I really only have the typical complaints at this point. I can’t get my shoes on and I need at least two naps a day.
My motivation to get to the end is different this time. Last night I had to rock C to sleep. She’s five days into Binky withdrawal and it’s been a rough go for all of us. Each night is a little less crying, but we’re not all the way there yet. I was sitting in the dark, holding this 35 lb three-year-old and singing to her like I did when she was a colicky three-month-old. As tired as I was, I realized I missed that. Soon she’ll be over the pacifier and put herself to sleep again and she won’t need her mom to rock her.
Kids grow up. That’s inevitable. But I’m ready for MJ to make me that kind of mom again for a little while. The only time I want to go fast is the 5 weeks and 2 days until she (hopefully) gets here. Then I’ll keep those nighttime snuggles for as long as I can.